Filipino youth can make agriculture “more sexy”

How can we redefine and revitalize Philippine agriculture? This was the challenge and opportunity of the first ever Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Agriculture Forum - LEAF 2018, held on September 29-30, 2018 at Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay.  LEAF is  a global forum, convening local and international powerhouse of leaders in agriculture, dedicated for our agriculture sector, for the Filipino youth, and to … Continue reading Filipino youth can make agriculture “more sexy”

Organic, the way to go!

#PALAYInitiative Success Stories. 003. Hamsiya Olimpain (PALAY initiative Facilitator, Food SECURE Ph Scribe) “I have learned how to use organic fertilizer in the right way. It is better to use organic fertilizer because it’s natural and from nature itself. Organic fertilizer also has less impact to the environment compared to chemical fertilizers. However, farmers who use … Continue reading Organic, the way to go!

Leading one’s community

#PALAYInitiative Success Stories. 002. Story of Ammer Mohammad (PALAY initiative Participant, Program Head – Seminar on Sustainable Agriculture) “PALAY initiative taught me the importance of organic farming and how to make natural pesticides. I have also learned better strategies in rice planting (transplanting is better than the traditional ways). After the seminar, I believe I … Continue reading Leading one’s community

Empowered to empower others

#PALAYInitiative Success Stories. 001. Story of Honey Alvarado, PALAY Initiative Participant “I've learned that agriculture is the backbone of our country. The seminar/workshop of PALAY Initiative motivated me to learn new things. The said program taught me the value of agriculture and how we’re going to live with it. I’ve learned dealing with the personnel … Continue reading Empowered to empower others