Our current food value chain is devaluing what matter most : people and planet. We believe on a sustainable farm-to-fork lifestyle for everyone, where farmers have a sense of ownership on their products, foodies can enjoy good food that’s fair, and our planet will not suffer because we care.

The Problem

Agriculture in the Philippines is a paradox. Agricultural lands are full of potential, and so are the farmers. But barriers like climate, poverty, and access to technologies, continue to blur the possibilities of agriculture reaching its full potential. And the province of North Cotabato is a microcosm of this paradox. With a 48.9% poverty incidence rate, it is number 6 poorest province of the Philippines (Rappler Philippines). The paradox is: North Cotabato is hailed as the “Food Basket” of Mindanao, people are hungry and poor.

Hunger and poverty are correlated. Being “food poor” is a grassroots level problem that needs grassroots level solution. This solution should also include access to nutrient-filled food achieved by rural poor communities. And this is exactly why AGRIPRENEUSHIP is an opportunity and necessity to solve this problem.

Agripreneurship is the application of entrepreneurship in agriculture. It is an opportunity and necessity in improving the agricultural sector, employment to vulnerable section of the society especially the rural poor and future food security. This is the driving principle of Food SECURE Philippines.

Food SECURE Philippines (Sustainable Efforts for Communities that Uplift Rural Entrepreneurship) is a start-up initiative led by the young and empowered agripreneurs who are children of farmers. Our vision is a sustainable farm-to-fork lifestyle for everyone. Our focus is on empowering rural poor communities in North Cotabato to be food secure, healthy, and business-minded.